Friday, March 27, 2009

Doing Things Badly

I really dig the author SARK.  In one of her books, I can't remember which one, she gives this advice:  Practice letting go, messing about and doing things badly. That is the best advice my inner recovering perfectionist and my inner artist have ever heard.

Today, this advice is helping actually get through the process of creating this skirt I'm working on.  I'm often unhappy with my uneven stitch lengths, questioning how skilled my stencil design looks, wondering if I will actually want to wear this thing.  So I keep telling myself, after a deep breath "practice doing things badlY!"  And it is so liberating!  

Hank now loves to sweep with the new child sized broom I bought him.  Do you think he's a very good sweeper, hell no, when I try to get him to help sweep the little pile I make into the dust pan he just laughs and rubs his little broom through my pile sending it all over the floor again.  But it's not really about being good to his mind, it's about the process of moving the broom across the floor, doing what mommy is doing and he enjoys it so much.  So I'm gonna keep at it, practicing doing things badly.

If I stay in that mindset, I find I'm enjoying the process so much!  My body relaxes and takes delight in the colors I'm working with, enjoys touching the fabric, getting new ideas for different projects and wow I'm actively engaged in the process not worried so much about my end result...and life is lived in the process, it's when it's done that we're dead!

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  1. I love this. It's a year old but it is exactly what I needed to hear today! Jay